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September 28th  2017 14:29
This bas tard phoned me 04.22
Middle of the night this imbecile phoned me. No info on the line, nothing then it went dead.
fed up
(Anonymous user)
January 23rd  2014 16:57
picked phone up and it went dead its a pain
(Anonymous user)
September 11th  2013 14:58
silence then computer voice says goodbye time wasters spam callers
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July 10th  2013 03:01
Received international call from this number
I received an international call from this number today while in the USA - on a USA mobile phone. The number showed as 44 06175620. No message ( I wasn't available at the time).
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April 15th  2013 11:38
Council tax banding
This is the latest marketing call on the go, they with held their number but kindly gave me the name of the company Dalton and Dalton.
I researched the company on the net they are tax consultants they told me they would give me a free consultation and when i pressed them that there was no such thing they admitted they would process my claim and it would cost me 25% if my claim was successfull.
As i am registered with the TPS i made a complaint to the TPS.