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(Anonymous user)
March 24th  2014 16:58
bug call
Keep getting a call from this number talking about debt collection in my area. Very annoying. It seems to originate from Germany.
(Anonymous user)
October 17th  2013 12:24
October 17th 2013
We get these calls repeatedly although both my husband and myself have told the caller, who has an Asian accent but as others have said uses a British style name, we do not answer surveys of any kind on the phone. Why would anyone give details of their lifestyle or tell what they have in their home to a stranger at the other end of a phone? Is there nothing can be done to stop these people harassing us.
(Anonymous user)
October 14th  2013 20:54
sick of phone calls from people hanging up a soon as i pick up. nuisance number 06455641
(Anonymous user)
December 17th  2012 18:37
Hang up call
Another call which hung up as I answered! UK companies are not permitted to use call dialling machines that hang up if there's no sales person available to take the call, so assuming this is a foreign call centre. I would strongly recommend you never call these numbers back as it often validates your number so it can be sold on to other call centres! There is also the possibility that the number is a premium rate number and expensive to call.
Telephone Watcher
(Anonymous user)
December 15th  2012 13:06
This number has called me three times in last two days. First time no one answered, and I've seen on other forums that these people claim to be from a 'market research' company and get quite rude and truculent if challenged. They're international so you can't block them. I'd like to know who gave them my ex directory telephone number. Rude, knuckle grazing people. Avoid.
Fed up with calls
(Anonymous user)
November 15th  2012 19:06
Constant calls
We have had calls from this number asking to answer some question. When asked them to remove my number from their database and the guy from the call centre said no and hung up.
How nice of them.
Next time I will be just as rude back.
(Anonymous user)
October 22nd  2012 17:34
Cold call nuisance
Intolerable intrusion into my privacy
(Anonymous user)
January 25th  2012 20:06
nuisance call
I would like to know the company from the phone number above who is annoying me everynight
(Anonymous user)
January 23rd  2012 14:01
who called?
I presume this is a market research company - there is no one there when you answer the phone...........
(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2011 12:15
this no is one of the ananymous calls i hae received recently.want to know why
(Anonymous user)
September 20th  2011 12:22
This is happening to me to, on at least two different numbers: 064684532 and 064684524. Anybody know what this is about?
(Anonymous user)
September 15th  2011 20:51
Nusence call
This number and others calling all the time over the past few days
Talk talk very disappointing Customer Services
Fed up
(Anonymous user)
September 7th  2011 22:07
Who phoned me 12 times in 2 days
as soon as I answered the phone they rang off. Who is it?