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(Anonymous user)
August 22nd  2017 16:39
Bev johnson
I did not answer the call
Roy Richardson
(Anonymous user)
November 16th  2013 11:07
or Everybody likes to talk about themselves, get them of their script and talk about anything but what they are supposed to be talking to you about.

or the "How did you get this number?" you are through to Ministry of Justice Office, on a private encrypted judicial business line, now who exactly are you? Don't dare put this phone down or we will be forced to arrest you... See how stupid they are, start the timer

or Who are you? I'm police inspector Roy Richardson, this is a murder scene, now how do you know the deceased?

(Anonymous user)
August 23rd  2012 18:34
The caller just hangs up when you say hello?
(Anonymous user)
February 25th  2012 04:17
who called me?
Dont know this number