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June 4th  2012 16:43
Computer Support Scam
Kevin (Indian Guy and his Indian Name Deepak was cold called to sell the product and She was under the impression that Microsoft had asked to call in response to a problem. The applicant is a pensioner who uses the computer minimally and felt pressurised into taking the service. On looking into the matter with those more knowledgeable it became evident that Microsoft do not instruct companies to cold call and so she had been misled and misold the service. Within her consumer rights and as stated in your contract she is cancelling the missold service. She has also incurred costs and had to reinstall Windows 7 as a result of your operators working remotely on her computer. Please do not contact her again directly and your response should come to. In the last I have done search on Google and found its PC support scam companies running for the purpose of multilevel marketing from India and the owner of this company also Ms J Lal (Indian Name)is also belong