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(Anonymous user)
February 17th  2017 21:44
Just curious at this number
(Anonymous user)
July 17th  2015 18:59
always getting calls on my mobile every day dont no who it is
(Anonymous user)
June 3rd  2014 03:28
strange call
had a few calls from this number, who is it
(Anonymous user)
August 19th  2013 11:39
Female caller who said she was not a cold caller a
Female caller who said she was not a cold caller but her call was to make aware that someone was trying to access our bank account. Initially said she did not want any bank details and when told we would not discuss those details anyway the call was terminated
pamela anderson
(Anonymous user)
March 23rd  2013 15:24
you made my life ..happy with your winning
(Anonymous user)
February 12th  2013 06:06
who is that person?
Want to know where is that phone located
(Anonymous user)
August 15th  2012 11:50
PPI Claims
'Daniel' from Payment Protection Claims Co called, unsolicited, when I asked for more details he put down the phone.
(Anonymous user)
August 10th  2012 12:32
Scam attempt, wanted access to my Windows computer
His name was "Jordan", spoke with an Indian-English accent.
Claimed the company name was "TechE for PC" and that they were subcontracted by Microsoft. Yeah right.
He went on about my Windows computer being infected and sending information to his screen. Funny, since I don't have a Windows computer...
(Anonymous user)
February 16th  2012 15:08
thanks for this service
This is really helpful
(Anonymous user)
January 24th  2012 18:42
whoever thy are thy just keep ringing and don't leave no messages to let me know if thy wish to talk. Am fed up with this number