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(Anonymous user)
December 11th  2013 10:48
received 2 unknown calls within 20 secs of each other which I didn't ans. then received a call from 019724539824, about 20 secs after the unknown - Answered without thinking - they hung up.
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2013 03:30
Well , it's like this, it looks very inviting and
I would like to have it on my computer, of coures also the prize and it is very
(Anonymous user)
November 4th  2012 10:30
who called me
(Anonymous user)
July 17th  2012 04:56
Beware All Mobile Users
BEWARE All Mobile users out there please contact your service provider and ban all Premium SMS and calls to safe guard your money and your family from being exploited.

If your Premium SMS are not banned then these scamsters will send sms for some competition of some sort promising you that you may win a good prize objects or money and in the fine print have locked for them to send Premium SMS and charge whatever they want.

Your service providers will also happily provide this service if you have not banned Premium SMS for they get good money out of the money they rob from you.

They send useless information and make an exorbitant charge on your bill.

100% of all Premium SMS provides are frauds, tricksters and criminals waiting to prey on your money and preying from naive and innocent users.

The chief amongst them are SYBASE and MOBILE ACTIVE


A message to the CEO's of Premium SMS service providers, instead of preying on the money of innocents and naive people you may use