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(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2016 23:09
Crazy phone calls
This number won't stop calling me.
(Anonymous user)
October 1st  2015 17:47
this telephone # keeps on calling me, 4 to 8 times a day . I pick up and get no answer.
(Anonymous user)
September 14th  2015 20:21
dodgy scam artist trying it on we sellers of items
got a bit of a weird text for an item that I have listed on a selling site saying
hope you still have the motor bike for sale? if yes reply me to only exact description of their text made very suspicious we it been a reply only email address and very strange phone number setting = +1 (202) 759-0425
letting other people be aware of the latest scam attempt on sellers
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2015 02:43
guy claiming to be an irs agent
(Anonymous user)
March 4th  2014 15:58
money grant scam
Number provided by 222 222 2215 person to have me meet him at a Western Union office with credentials to get a US GOVT free grant,,,I kept him on the fone as long as I could while watching TV news...when he asked what I was going to do with the money, I advised give it to charity... He could not believe it
(Anonymous user)
July 12th  2013 22:04
They are claiming to be the US Dept. of Justice.
(Anonymous user)
November 14th  2012 15:54
Calls and says hes a FEDERAL AGENT!!!! I told him he was lying and I knew it so then he tells me that my genitals are old and that I am a piece of shit so i cussed him out and hung up. This guy sounds foreign and there is a echo from the phone obviously a scam, i hung up on him and he called back a second time. Now I am going to the government website to report these pricks,,
yoyos r cool
(Anonymous user)
February 19th  2012 21:04
who is this
who does this number belong to?
(Anonymous user)
February 14th  2012 14:39
random number
kept calling and hanging up
(Anonymous user)
January 17th  2012 15:45
they hang up on me