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April 3rd  2014 03:11
Scammm!! Claim to be Publishing Clearing House and you've win $2.8 million and a Mercedes. Yeah right. Then ask you to go purchase a $299. Registered card and Donald Trump will bring your check and car. Haha. Don't answer!!!
(Anonymous user)
September 22nd  2012 00:58
want to know who and where from
unknown number
(Anonymous user)
June 4th  2012 20:12
Caller Id says Cheyenne, Wy
Caller ID says Cheyenne Wy, so I answer it, I know people in Cheyenne. The caller says they are calling from Florida. I hung up on them and they didn't call back. Seems like a scam.
Righteous Anger Of God
(Anonymous user)
May 14th  2012 22:21
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