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(Anonymous user)
July 9th  2014 03:32
so weird, this guy with UK accent called to say he is calling from CRA and why not answering to letters and he is going to forward it to police to pick me up for questioning, so sick & absurd, do not know what pleasure they getting
(Anonymous user)
December 19th  2013 22:43
i got call from this number and said they are calling from NCO Financial collection agency, calling regarding Bank of Nova Scocia. I don't have account with the bank. when i called them back they gave me another number, i tried to called that number but the number goes to Direct TV. so carefull with these people they are scammers.
Mr. Smith
(Anonymous user)
September 9th  2013 18:30
Idiot Jerk, needs to get a life!!!
We received a call on August 20, 2013, from this number, someone was speaking in a heavy broken English voice and asking for “Casino Rama”.

We properly responded that “Since we are not Casino Rama, you must have the wrong number.”

We then called back the number and their voicemail message (same guy) was in clear English, announced that he was not available.

He then sent us an email, claiming that he had called us and that we told him he had reached the wrong number, and he complained about our business not being legal.

We do not appreciate this idiot calling us, makng prank calls and wasting our time.

We have warned this spam caller not to contact us again.

This telephone number shows up on the record as:

G. Korobkina (A.K.A. “Louri”)
249 Concord Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6H 2P3

Tel: 416-516-8333
(Anonymous user)
June 6th  2013 05:58
416-894-5109 Nanda, from India sells $25 trial disks *BEWARE*

John M. Meloche
(Anonymous user)
May 1st  2013 16:18
Calls from MeloTel
MeloTel is a phone company that operates out of Toronto, Ontario. We are not a telemarketing company, we are a phone company whose recent initiatives do include making calls to other businesses across Canada to introduce ourselves and our services. Our telemarketing program is only 3 people and the policy is strictly to inform, not annoy. We will only ever call a business once and never be unprofessional in our quest to become your service provider. Should you have any comments, questions or concerns about an experience you have had with MeloTel. I have made this post here as we anticipate some people will wonder who is calling and we figured to give you all the information now do there is no confusion. I encourage you contact me directly to discuss your inquiry at 1-416-479-0993.
(Anonymous user)
February 24th  2013 23:52
These are Escorts that don't pay tax.
these guys should be busted there in the hsbc plazed warden and hwy 7 and they sell sex and everything were is the cops when you need them eveyrones husbands are there getting banged do these asian women pay there taxes?
(Anonymous user)
February 16th  2013 15:40
i came here to find out who, not tell you..
(Anonymous user)
November 22nd  2012 06:58
who's this?
Maria Sotiriou
(Anonymous user)
October 9th  2012 19:07
They're looking to collect money
They'll call through this number or Unknown number throughout the day, may just hang up so they can get other people on the phone until they get a hold of the person they are looking for........they basically are trying to collect $$$ on some restate you've probably rented at one point
(Anonymous user)
September 24th  2012 19:37
leave me alone
(Anonymous user)
August 17th  2012 19:41
Got a call from a guy calling himself Rick Ville
Looking for a quote claiming himself to be the owner of the business below:
He gave his # as 6479998735

Called the owner of the business and he confirmed that he never called and he does not know who this Rick Guy is

Auto De Ville
1 août 2012 – Auto De Ville. Voitures usagées à Pincourt, Québec Used cars in Pincourt, Quebec. Inventaire/ Inventory · Historique / History · Informations ...
Google+ page
1, ch Duhamel Pincourt, QC J7V 4C6
(514) 453-0910
(Anonymous user)
August 13th  2012 14:41
Universal Message system
Calls you claiming to be a free voicemail system with messages available for you. Asks you to make a language selection, but I disconnected without pressing any keys.
(Anonymous user)
July 13th  2012 14:19
(Anonymous user)
June 7th  2012 23:09
who is tracy
IIjust wanna know
Richmond Hill, Ontario
(Anonymous user)
May 5th  2012 16:29
I believe this is a Mafia-like network in Toronto
Duct Cleaning Scam or call to know who is in your house and when !!!

Received call from 416-800-0441.

They did not talk but just listening to the noise of my house I think. They also called once to know what is my alarm system. Are they trying to know bout us and our houses alarm systems for home invasion or burglary?

Why the Police does not do anything? Maybe once after few accidents, when this becomes PUBLIC, then they will make a move to dismantle this mafia-like network.
(Anonymous user)
April 18th  2012 00:41
who r u?
(Anonymous user)
April 17th  2012 14:57
who is it?
who is it?
(Anonymous user)
March 17th  2012 16:26
Call back the number and says it is "CIBC Insurance".
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2012 17:31
Excel collections
annoying as f....