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December 16th  2013 21:22
This young lady kate is a pathological, no one has set her car on fire, shot at her, threw a rock through her hotel window, nor stalked, her. What has happened, is all her victims, have been reporting, the crimes, she committed, to law enforcement. She is trying, to pray on others, for sympathy, funds. She a known. Criminal, con artist, who has been exposed.

Kate is an escort who has been arrested by various California, and nevada law enforcement agencies, for fraud, credit card fraud, pandering teenage minors, prostitution,. She is now been threatening her last victim, a male armenian tourist, she and her boyfriends, robbed at gunpoint, in redondo beach California last month. She frequents, lax, hawthorne, redeondo beach. Santa monica, areas, committing crimes.... these are some of her illegal escort and scam phone numbers 424 243 6198 323 413 6485 310 497 5277 310 751 4530
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August 24th  2012 00:07
who is it
Who is this
(Anonymous user)
April 27th  2012 00:01
I received a WalMart spam from this number
(Anonymous user)
March 16th  2012 17:20
illegaly calling cell phones on the no call list!
bullshit scammer texting cell phones that are on the no call list.
(Anonymous user)
February 18th  2012 15:55
This jueerk is a scammer. I turned in his phone number to the Federal Trade Commision. Someting needs to be done with people who pray on others.