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(Anonymous user)
August 1st  2012 16:19
canal + ???
Me acaban de llamar hace 10 minutos preguntando si tengo canal+,un señor español normal,le he dicho que no y que no me interesa,tarda un pelin en hablar y dice que porque no me interesesa,le contesto que porque no me interesa,nos quedamos callados y al momentin me dice que tienen unas ofertas y le digo sin dejarle acabar,lo siento,no me interesas,gracias y buenas tardes,y a continuacion les cuelgo mientras me parece oir que seguia hablando.
(Anonymous user)
May 20th  2012 00:11
Holy shiz! stalker!
this guy texted me as a wrong number i said he had the wrong number and went on with my life

two days later i get hey and i told sorry still the wrong number and it happened a 3rd time

finally the fourth time i said "hisname"? he said yeah duh and i flipped and said you don't know who i am i don't know you you are he thought it was some game and kept responding

so if you get a txt from this number just block it asap hes creepy!
(Anonymous user)
March 13th  2012 16:01
Whos no is this