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August 31st  2016 05:58
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March 11th  2014 07:42
why phone me
and ask my name
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August 21st  2013 02:36
China/Taiwan Phone Fraud/Scam
A sweet voice of a Chinese speaking lady will call to inform that they are doing a survey, and will go on to tell you how you have been selected as a winner.. And then require you to pay an amount of money etc...
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August 20th  2013 19:05
They Violate the Do Not Call rules
The number belongs to the Pisa Group in Festus, MO. Their address is 1320 YMCA Dr., Festus, MO and main number is 636.931.2737. They are a telemarketing group for many US newspapers. The officers are John Pisa, Pres and CFO Michael Maggio, Ex. VP Jeri Kirkbride, VP-Admin. See also

If you call the corporate number you can speak directly to a live person. You can also file a complaint with the FCC by using form 1088D a lesser valued complaint can go to the Better Business Bureau of which Pisa is a member.
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August 12th  2013 10:09
it's irritating
Who the F it this?
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September 12th  2012 02:27
af ce
a eagtW4
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May 8th  2012 02:34
Says she's from florida named Taylor Williams says that she/he knows me