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October 10th  2014 15:57
This people ly to you telling you r geting a loan for large amount regardless of poor credit then they tell you cuz if that you have t buy a card at home depot for 109.00 as your insurance and as soon as you pay this you will get you money thn when you call them back they leave you on hold n never get back then th next day is all a scam they tell you they put th money n it wont get thru cuz ur credit and is all a sc over that now you have to pay th first note so you get thoney is all bull and
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May 7th  2013 01:36
Asks "Set up account" 2 get calls from Yolo Jail
Asks "Set up account" to get collect calls. Obviously no account is needed the phone line provider takes care of billing collect clls. They are scamming to get your credit card number.

Not to mention Yolo County is in California, not Houston Texas!!!
Secret Agent
(Anonymous user)
October 19th  2012 18:52
Calls me every day 1-2 times daily?
Who is this? They do not leave a name or number. Wonder if this is actually someone from Houston Texas?
(Anonymous user)
August 12th  2012 10:08
inmate call
Called at 4:44 am sunday morning, but said i didnt accept collect calls on this
Accept collect calls
(Anonymous user)
May 22nd  2012 20:24
i wont to no who phone me

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April 18th  2012 06:34
who is calling from here
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January 17th  2012 18:26