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(Anonymous user)
December 14th  2015 17:35
Who's this guy?
It's a weird phone number calling my house.
(Anonymous user)
August 8th  2014 22:45
"Charity" scam
"Charity" calls from same woman from different numbers and area codes. Soliciting for several unrelated charities. Scam.
(Anonymous user)
March 28th  2013 15:32
Windykacja, instytucja finansowo-prawna z Wroclawi
Windykacja, instytucja finansowo-prawna z Wroclawia
(Anonymous user)
August 6th  2012 14:24
kruk s a
ten numer nalezy do firmy kruk z wroclawia
(Anonymous user)
May 2nd  2012 19:41
These people are a pain!
The number is a debt consolidation group and they just call every day until you return the call and tell them to knock it off! PESTS!!!!