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April 9th  2014 22:19
Not sure if it was a scam?
An eldery woman's voice sounded very distraught and was asking for (possibly a family member- didn't catch the name) to bring her toilet paper, and then began to cry. I actually hung up thinking it was a scam, and now I a feeling very guilty thinking it could have been real.. I hope not! Anyways, if anyone has received a similar phone call, I'm sure it must have been a scam. After looking the number up and seeing it as a land line from Texas, I tried to call back to make sure it wasn't really a woman needing help and make sure she is OK and gets some help that she needs, but my phone is not set up to make overseas calls so I was unable to get through.
Thanks for any help!
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March 20th  2014 18:53
I got a phone call the other day from a lady who's accent was so heavy I could barely understand what she was saying. She told me she got my resume off of a job seeking site on the internet and wanted me to open e-mails she was sending me and agree to something. I told her I did not understand her enough and ask for her supervisor and she made some excuse as to why she would not put the supervisor on. After we got off the phone I looked up the number and it was from a company called Managed Services and it was a scam.
She kept calling me and I answered and told her what I had discovered and not to call me back anymore and I had to block that number to get them from calling my cell.
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January 21st  2014 23:34
I got 3 hang up calls to from 972-769-5177. This is the same number that called me a little over a week ago soliciting for votes in Texas. I told them at the time do not call me and will not vote for anyone who calls me soliciting for personal gain...political votes. I will vote for the opponent. I never gave them my number nor did I authorize them to contact me. Now they have called 3 times today hanging up each time. I call this number back and it just rings. I thought voting is only early vote/mail or in person. Never heard of being called to place votes. This is not legal. BIG SCAM
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January 20th  2014 20:01
Fundraising company B Cunningham
Fundraising company asking for money for local charities, including the shriners circus. Do not donate through them. Donate directly to the organizations you want to support. They take a large percentage of the donations as fees.
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August 28th  2013 16:07
ACE Cash store
Its ACE Cash store debt collector
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April 24th  2013 15:13
Indian recruiter
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January 3rd  2013 16:48
who is thiss
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December 15th  2012 01:08
+1 972 422 7555
I received a call from +19724227555. No message was left.

A bit of research causes me to presume it was a cold call auto-dialer. I was not able to find an email address, but there is an open envelop shaped icon that links to an email form. The website has everything except for their mailing address, but if you click on the BBB icon you can find it there.

Tycoon Energy Inc
555 Republic Dr Ste 100
Plano TX 75074-5469
+19724227555 Corporate Office
+19724227557 FAX

The Dallas Observer posted an article on 2012-12 about the Canadians sanctioning Tycoon Energy Inc and Plano Oil and Gas not to solicit funding in Canada because of previous instances of fraud.

[URL PROHIBITED] canadians_tell_plano_oil_and_g.php is an article that should be read before considering investing.
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August 3rd  2012 01:19
Bill Collector
West Asset Management is the company that calls from this number. There largest account would be Sprint.. Ignore the call, block the call or pay the bill.
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March 16th  2012 04:27
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March 14th  2012 21:19
Requested removal still receiving calls
I receive repeated calls from this number with no one on the line - usually 45 minutes apart several times a day, approximately every other day. When I make a return call they cannot find my name or number on file. Upon discovery that they are a debt collection agency, I have twice asked them to remove me from what must be an autodial list, as I have had no unpaid debts since I was MUCH younger. They repeat that I am not ON their list. And the calls continue......
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March 11th  2012 18:37
Maybe I have written the number wrong?
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February 8th  2012 20:43
A supposed recruiter for AT&T
They get your resume, call you & say they have a job at AT&T. The guy is Indian & you can't understand him. When he called, I got a voice mail, unable to understand anything but the phone number I called back, the guy just said hello no company name or anything & sounded like I just woke him up. He said he needed my ssn in order to submit me for the job. I told him that unless I was actually hired, that information was not needed so no. SCAM! all they need is your ssn to steal your identity.